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I'm Wendy Ortiz and I'm an artist. This is my work.

Instagram: @wendyortizart
Facebook: /wendyortizart

You can find links to limited edition prints and my shop below.

Wayy past my bed time.. I’ll make sure to reply to comments and any pending emails tomorrow. Good night everyone. 💗
Jumping back into my many pending projects. Have loads of work ahead of me.. Wish me luck 😉✨
Pencil scratches warm up.. Feels so good to be drawing again! ✏️✌️
Not sure what or why.. Feel so blah lately 💩
Another lazy day.. Here’s something older again.. Back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Because everyday should be a throwback day..
Where I left off for the day.. Taking her home to finish :) 
happy weekend everyone😘😘
Friday Art party!! … Having a great time with @glenn_arthur_art @geneguynn @officialcodydanger @dannybeck1 @drono
Nothing new to share so here’s something old-ish ✌️
Quick! Name all of the dead things!
.. @geneguynn ‘s house is a treasure.