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I'm Wendy Ortiz and I'm an artist. This is my work.

Instagram: @wendyortizart
Facebook: /wendyortizart

You can find links to limited edition prints and my shop below.

Pulled an all nighter .. I’m sure I’m going to regret this. 🌙⭐️
Almost finished with her! Need to add stars, line work and clean up a few mistakes.
Back to it. Getting somewhere…
Adding ‘shadow’ layer to the hands 😓 don’t know how much more my own hand can take!
#colorpencil #wood
Organizing today.. And I’ve realized I’m kind of a hoarder. 
And a little more progress.. 
#colorpencil #wood #prisma #graphite
Doing my best to share the progress for this piece.. Have a ways to go .. But I also happen to have all night. 🌙⭐️⛅️☀️
Starting to come to life .. Color pencil on wood.
Very much in the works.. Don’t really like sharing pieces this early in progress as i feel they look like crap at this stage.. Oh well, Let’s see what happens ;)
Don’t know where these sketchy scratches are going … But last one for the road. Good night 💤
Another oldie drawing.. I call her ‘Lilith’. ✨