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I'm Wendy Ortiz and I'm an artist. This is my work.

Instagram: @wendyortizart
Facebook: /wendyortizart

You can find links to limited edition prints and my shop below.

Transferred it with a light-box to heavyweight paper and made a few small changes.. And now it’s ready for ink. So excited to finally complete this.
Having so much fun having an art day with @glenn_arthur_art. 
This man <3
Almost there.
Saturday night..
Personal projects time.
Concept for a painting 💣
Now time for ink. ✒️
My painting with her new owner, tattoo artist @mmonroever 
Catch this beautiful gal on the current season of Ink Master! 📺
Thanks so much, Melissa! I’m so glad she’s with you ❤️😘
Inching my way through this sketch. 👶😓